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Laser Skin Resurfacing Acne Scars

Laser Skin Resurfacing Acne Scars

What is the best option when looking to improve your acne scars? There are many options to help improve acne scars, such as: chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing to name a few. Ho to know which is best?

Laser skin resurfacing seem to deliver the best results so far. While there seemed to have been to standard measures for acne scar improvement, findings suggest that Laser Skin Resurfacing is up to 90% more precise and effective, than dermabrasion and chemical peels. A rough abrasive edge is used to remove surface skin during dermabrasion and chemicals are being used during chemical peels to remove scared skin. 

There are a variety of lasers being used for skin resurfacing and they are named according to the source that creates the energy beam working to treat the tissue. Some lasers are more effective for certain procedures and skin types.

What Should You Expect from Laser Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

The outcome of Laser Skin Resurfacing acne scars, depends on the scar depth and patient expectations. Before and after Laser Skin resurfacing images suggest that Laser Resurfacing is most effective on shallow scars that can be stretched with the fingers. 

A 50% to 80% success rate has been noted, and it takes the skin moths to remodel. In some cases additional treatments may be recommended, depending on the patient's goals and level of expectation. 

What are the Types of Lasers Available for Skin Resurfacing on the market today?

There are ablative and non-ablative lasers and as of late the emergence of hybrids has given way to a whole new means of treating many cosmetic skin imperfections. 

Ablative vs. Non- Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing

Ablative Lasers

Examples of ablative lasers are: CO2 and Erbium. These are more invasive and work by vaporizing the outer layer of the skin. These cause the skin to restructure and remodel collagen formation. Ablative Lasers have been used with great success, however they tend to require a greater recovery time and a higher risk. 

Non-Ablative Lasers

Great examples of such lasers are: CoolTouch,Fraxel and N-lite. These options are far less aggressive and work by heating up the targeted tissue, without actually destroying it. This caused collagen restructure, filling in acne scars and fine lines for instance.

A series of treatments are best when using non-ablative lasers, as they work cumulatively. 

Ablative and Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing Acne Scars

This is a new family of Lasers used in Laser Skin Resurfacing acne scars and the dynamic and working of these lasers seems to hit the sweet spot when it comes to treating acne scars, melasma and a series of skin imperfections. 

One such example is Halo by Sciton. This is a Hybrid Laser and the technology behind it has been most impressive. The precision and ability to model a very specific treatment is just one of it's pluses. This Laser is boasts such control measures and abilities, it surpasses all other options available on the market today. 

Halo has rendered impressive results is a vital option for Laser SkinResurfacing Acne Scars. Before and After images speak for themselves. 

Halo by Sciton the World's First Hybrid Laser

Halo by Sciton offers ablative results with very little to no down time. This Hybrid Laser is designed to be very safe and can be used on many skin types. It has control measures that not only cool the skin during treatment, but also measure the amount of pulses administered. The technician has the ability to dictate with finite precision the amount of ablative and non ablative pulses. Halo by Sciton, delivers impressive results for patients experiencing acne scars. 

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