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Does CoolSculpting Work?

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CoolSculpting in the media

CoolSculpting, known as the Fat Freezing Procedure, has been in the spot light and Allure, Dr. Oz, Cosmopolitan have featured it as of late. Dr.Oz called CoolSculpting the "new lunch time procedure.  According to gossip magazines, stars like Mariah Carey may have used Coolsculpting to slim and shape their body. There are sites dedicated to Coolsculpting reviews, one being Real Self, for Coolsculpting Reviews, please click the link and view what those who have had the procedure are saying. Due to the nature of the procedure some may wonder. It is not a surgical procedure so this raises some questions, how could such a simple procedure work to rid of unwanted bulges? So, does coolsculpting work? For coolsculpting to work there are some key conditions as follows: one must be a candidate, the technician must follow protocol to exact detail, and post care is performed as prescribed. The body sheds the fat gradually over a period of three to four months, and unlike liposuction, immediate results are not notable until the third week post treatment. Following the procedure the treated area will have an inflammatory response and it will be swollen, thus making it look puffier. 

Does CoolSculpting work?

Extensive research and before and after CoolSculpting images are proof of the success rate with CoolSculpting, however, some report otherwise. Often times, we find some unfavorable reviews are postings immediate following the procedure, and some are written prior to that 3 to 4 month time frame it takes for the body to shed off the fat.  Let us look at the reasons why you may have experienced a small rate of success with the CoolSculpting procedure....

Reasons why CoolSculpting may lend insignificant results

  • Are you a candidate? This is the first and foremost consideration. A candidate is someone who is within 15lbs, max their ideal weight and has fat pockets or areas that are stubborn and will not budge with diet and exercise. 
  • Was the procedure done correctly? Not all clinics and medical spas are trained to perform this procedure, as in some cases they purchase their devices second hand. In this case some of the steps may be missed leading to less than desirable results, or no results. One of the very important measures is ensuring a deep massage immediate following the removal of the tip, of the treated area. Should the technician fail to perform this part, this will then lead to poor results. 
  • Did you wear your compression garments for 2 to 4 weeks following the CoolSculpting procedure? This is very important. The compression garments must be worn day and night.
  • Did you massage the treated area for 20 minutes daily? This is huge, as to encourage blood flow and speed the process further.
  • Are you eating a sensible diet? 
  • Do you exercise on a regular basis?

We hope this has shed some light on the various possibilities. We encourage you to look for an establishment that is qualified and certified in doing the CoolSculpting Procedure. Please click the following link and view Coolsculpting Results. Does Coolsculpting work? To find out more please book your complimentary consultation and learn more.

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