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Get rid of unwanted fat and firm tissue for a tighter, slimmer you with laser lipo, a new and exiting technique called Laser Body Contouring. ProLipo PLUS uses Sciton's innovative technologies to remove unwanted fat for good. This non-surgical fat removal or Laser fat removal is safe, comfortable and effective in firming and contouring your body. Due to it's effectiveness and coupled with the minimal downtime aspect of the procedure  laser lipo is the new and preferred method of fat removal, replacing the traditional liposuction procedure where general anesthesia is administered and downtime is much more extensive.

ProLipo PLUS utilizes dual wavelength capability (1064 nm and 1319 nm), providing the choice to use each wavelength individually or to combine the benefits of both for optimal body sculpting results.

Laser lipo employs up to 40 watts of power on 1064 nm and up to 40 watts on 1319 nm, the system offers flexibility in customizing rapid, advanced treatments.

ProLipo PLUD is FDA cleared for laser-assisted lipolysis. Laser fat removal or lipo laser is often used in treating those who are fit, but require additional body sculpting in those hard to rid of or stubborn fat pockets. Skin laxity is notably improved with laser lipo. This makes the non-surgical fat removal with prolipo PLUS the most desirable and sought after fat removal procedure to date.

Watch your body take shape, laser fat removal is as effective as traditional liposuction, minus the downtime and anesthesia, find out if non-surgical fat removal with laser lipo is for you!

Laser-assisted lipolysis with Sciton's ProLipo PLUS is a new, minimally invasive means to remove unwanted fat. Non-surgical laser fat removal is also effective in body contouring as the skin tightening results cannot be compared to any fat removal procedure to date.

How does laser fat removal work?

Laser fat removal with ProLipo PLUS works by delivering laser energy through a fine slender fiber to areas of unwanted fat. The energy emitted by the laser melts the unwanted body fat. At the same time it also firms surrounding tissue, resulting in a tighter, slimmer appearance. Laser lipo is thus a unique liposuction procedure aiding in the fat removal approach, that employs the most advanced technology available to date. The tightening aspect of the results make laser fat removal a desirable fat removal method.

With 40 watts of power at 1064 nm and 40 watts at 1319 nm, ProLipo PLUSeffectively liquefies unwanted fat and coagulates tissue resulting in a tighter, slimmer body.

Sciton’s ProLipo PLUS combines 1064 nm and 1319 nm wavelengths in one laser for optimal body sculpting results. The 1064 nm wavelength is chosen for deconstructing the fat channels and preparing the fat for lipolysis by breaking up the more vascular superficial fat. It is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin for better hemostasis and also generates thermal heating. The fat cell is ruptured and tumefaction takes place. It is an efficient wavelength for lipolysis.

The 1319 nm wavelength is used for its high absorption in water and its lower scattering in fat, so the majority of its thermal energy can be confined to the area just beyond the tip of the fiber. It is used to preferentially damage collagen in fibrous septae. This is the precursor to tissue retraction and observable improvement in skin laxity.

What areas can be treated with Laser lipo?

Laser lipo or laser fat removal is effective for any area of the body. Pockets of unwanted fat can be improved with ProLipo treatment. Some of the more popular areas are under the chin, abdomen, love handles, saddle bags, inner and outer thighs, bra roll, back, knees and ankles and more.

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Male chest
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees

Why choose Laser lipo for unwanted fat removal?

  • Rapid results
  • Minimal bruising and downtime
  • Comfortable and easy treatment
  • Fast treatment time

How Many Laser Fat Removal Treatments Will I Need?

Typically only one laser fat removal procedure is needed per body area. In extreme cases of excess fat two may be recommended. 

What are the benefits of Laser Fat Removal?

  • Immediate Visible Results can be seen with laser fat removal.

Eliminates fat and tightens skin through heating and coagulation of soft tissue with results that can be seen immediately.

  • Laser fat removal is comfortable and quick body contouring

Laser lipo is minimally invasive, it is quick and the recovery is fast.

  • No general anesthesia is required

Laser lipo does not require general anesthesia so I can be performed in your physician's office

  • Minimal Downtime

Patients who have laser fat removal return home the same day and may resume to normal activities shortly thereafter.

Remove unwanted fat with this new and exiting non-surgical fat removal procedure! That's right, no surgery and limited downtime!

What should I expect after treatment with laser lipo?

Results are typically visible soon after the laser lipo procedure. Some mild localized swelling is normal following the procedure. Compression garments will be recommended for optimal results.

Does Laser fat removal work?

Laser Fat removal is opted for due to its effectiveness and minimal downtime. Laser lipo is a treatment that is most effective for fat pockets, areas of fat that do not improve with diet or exercise. 

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