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Forever Young Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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What is Forever Young BBL?

BBL is a skin rejuvenation treatment using a wide range of light to shift the RNA expression of the skin into resembling that of a younger gene expression. Clinical studies prove that consistent and prolonged BBL treatments result in long term collagen formation and improved skin elasticity. Patients who maintain regular treatments see significant delay in aging.


Forever Young BBL Overview

BBL stands for broad band lighting and it is powered by a wide range of light designed to treat a range of skin conditions. Acne, lesions, sun spots, freckles, vascular lesions such as: cherry angiomas, rosacea, even hair removal are some wide variety of it's uses. Over 10 years of research reveal that regular BBL treatments result in a shift of molecular expression of the integumentary system, resulting in a DNA shift toward younger expression. Patients treated with BBL over a period of 10 years show improved elasticity and collagen formation from the time they started treatment. In other words their skin looks 10 years younger than when they started. BBL causes a reversal in gene expression. BBL optimally delivers infrared light, penetrating the epidermis and dermis at once. In doing so it stimulates changes at the molecular level, resulting in a visible shift in the dermis.


Research reveals that the gene expression of older damaged skin cells changes, to resemble the genes in younger skin cells.

The skin cells are reinvigorated and look younger over time. The results are in visible improvements in the:

  • skin firmness
  • elasticity
  • pigmentation

Regular BBL treatments render the skin looking:

  • Clear
  • Smooth
  • More Youthful


Forever Young BBL VS. LASER....what is the difference between Forever Young BBL and Laser?

Laser= single color light
BBL= hundreds of color light

the results.... with the broad range of color light, not only are we able to address a wide range of skin conditions, but the results are a more naturally refreshed, clearer, smoother and brighter looking complexion. 

seeing is believing... the art of photo facials...Forever Young BBL before and after 

for a complete Forever Young BBL before and after gallery, please visit the link below:


Ideally, we recommend up to 4 treatments per year, at the onset. Follow up treatments are recommended every 6 to 12 months to build up collagen layers and boost the skin at the molecular level. 

Best BBL treatment technique consists of the following:

  • optimal settings
  • the number of passes per treatment
  • the appropriate number of treatments

Is BBL safe for all skin types?

...the answer is: yes!!! BBL is safe for darker skin types, and this is a true innovation, as in the past, we were unable to address the darker skin types with lasers. 

Is there any discomfort during the BBL treatment?

Some patients report a hot flash or a snap like that of a rubber band. 

How long does it take for the Forever Young BBL treatment?

Treating the face takes about 15 minutes, the back of the hand takes about 3 minutes.

Will I be able to return to work after the BBL treatment?

There is no downtime with the BBL treatment and you will be able to apply make up and resume to normal activities. 

Am I a candidate for the BBL facial rejuvenation treatment?

BBL has been proven to be effective for all age groups, even the late 70's. Starting in the mid 30's and 40's is ideal, as your skin is still producing great collagen. To learn more and to book a consultation with our consultants please call:


Forever Young BBL Standford Study

We now have scientific evidence which demonstrates that regular maintenance treatments using Forever Young BBL significantly rejuvenates skin and delays skin aging. 

A recent study completed at Stanford University reveals rejuvenation of gene expression pattern of aged human skin by Broadband Light Treatment. The RNA expression of aging skin, treated with BBL resembles that of young untreated skin.

More than 1,000 gene expressions revealed increase elastin and collagen uniformity with the use of BBL treatments. 

Please click the link below to view the full study:

Forever Young BBL reviews:

For a list on unbiased reviews, please visit the link below:

BBL patient testimonials:

1855. MYSPA77

I am approaching my mid 50’s and wanted a pick me up. I went in to see Dr Leoni and he recommended a Sciton Laser procedure and a Vampire face lift. I feel and look TEN years younger!! The little creases around my mouth have disappeared!! THANK YOU Dr. Leoni and everyone at My Petite Spa...I will recommend you to all my friends!!!
— Gay L., Van Nuys CA
I would recommend this spa to anyone who wants great service and great results! The staff was very friendly and accommodating and the doctor was very professional and thorough. Dr Leoni answered all of my questions and he explained exactly what he was doing and what I could expect. I LOVE the results of my vampire facial! My skin is glowing and youthful!
— Jennifer D., Studio City, CA