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Freeze your fat now! Learn about the latest in body contouring with CoolSculptING!

CoolSculpting® Zeltiq - Freeze your fat away with the the revolutionary new weight management/fat reduction treatment Removing excess body fat has never been easier! You can now get rid of your love handles, pouch belly, back fat or man-boobs with this non-surgical fat reduction procedure. The treatment works simply by freezing away the excess fat. This  is a non-invasive no down time solution for removing your body fat by crystallizing it. Your body will naturally eliminate your fat cells, reducing bulges, love handles, flanks, muffin tops, and abdominal pouches. Learn more about the best liposuction alternative with coolsculpt and change the way you look and feel in one hour! Lipo freeze is the fat reduction procedure known as cryolipolysis. 


Fat removal procedures have gained popularity as of late due to the affordability of the freezing fat cost as well as the practicality and efficacy of the procedure. Some refer to this procedure as lipo freeze, others call it Cold Sculpting, CoolSculpting or Cool Sculpturing. It is one and the same, a fat removal procedure, that freezes unwanted fat causing fat cells to die off, and be expelled by our body, naturally. Freezing fat away is the best fat reduction procedure to date, and for obvious reasons.

"Freezing away fat" may seem like a new concept, but extensive studies have proven that carefully applied cold really can trim a waistline," says Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel, professor of plastic surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. He adds that interest in cold therapy for fat removal got its start in the early 1970s when doctors noticed that children who spent a lot of time sucking on popsicles tended to have unusually hollow cheeks.

The CoolSculpting website claims the procedure can "target, cool, and eliminate fat cells without damage to other tissue" and can "reduce the excess unwanted fat by 20 % each treatment session.

This fat removal procedure was developed by Harvard scientists and is FDA approved. Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a unique, and patented fat removal procedure. This clinically proven procedure works by freezing your fat cells without damaging your skin. Traditional liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that can leaves scars which are cumbersome.  This is a great alternative to liposuction for those areas where the fat just wont go away.

Cool Sculpturing=no knives, no needles. no lasers, no downtime, no ripples, no lumps or bumps and no scars !!!!

You can return to your normal routine immediately following this fat freezing procedure.

Clinical studies have shown an average fat reduction from 20% - 25% in the treated areas after one visit within two to four months. The fat freezing procedure can be repeated as soon as 2 months after your initial treatment.  

Freezing fat is not intended as an alternative to a weight reduction programs or for overweight individuals. The best candidates for this procedure are patients near their ideal body weight and with a continued healthy lifestyle. Being within the ideal body weight or at the most 15lbs. over normal body weight is a good indication you may be CoolSculpting candidate.

The science behind CoolSculpting commenced as an observation.  "Scientists around the world have discovered that fat cells are highly sensitive to cold." Cold is said to kill white fat cells while energizing brown fat. Brown fat is the desirable type of fat that helps us burn calories. Brown fat cells are instrumental in leptin production, the body's own fat regulator. It is important therefore to keep the brown fat for the success of maintaining body fat regulation physiological processes.

Jamie Burke, who founded, says that customers can "start to notice a difference in firmness and volume" within five weeks. "The fat cells are flushed out gradually and slowly," she says.-LA Times

How Does the CoolSculpting Procedure Work?

Cells in your body react to heat or cold at different temperatures. Research performed by CoolSculpting® Zeltiq showed us what levels of cooling are needed to achieve body contouring through fat reduction. The CoolSculpting suction applicator is placed  against the area you want to treat, and the area is then gently and swiftly suctioned in by the cup. 

The fat cooling is then initiated, reducing the temperature surrounding the treated are, to attain the right coldness to selectively target the fat cells in the targeted area. The body's natural response following the fat freezing procedure is an inflammatory one. This cooling or freezing of the fat will then result in your body to naturally dispose of the damaged white fat cells. The process of the dying off of the frozen fat cells is thus initiated and is gradual, taking place over a period of up to 4 months. This results in a more sculpted body as the fat cells die off, and the treated area shrinks in volume. CoolSculpting is that simple!

The fat freezing procedure is performed in our office under the supervision of our physician and trained specialists. No anesthesia or recovery time is needed. During the procedure, your skin is drawn into a cup with mild vacuum pressure. You may be slightly uncomfortable with the contact of the cold as the cooling begins. Our patients report the discomfort usually goes away after the first 10 minutes or so. If you feel too uncomfortable with the cold, let us know. We take special care to provide warming blankets, extra pillows to ensure your comfort. Generally after the initial 10 minutes, your should feel comfortable. The actual fat freezing takes 60 minutes. Once the treatment is completed, the applicator is removed and the area is massaged for 2 minutes and this is perhaps the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. This is a very important part of the treatment and must be performed rigorously and without fail. After the treatment you can immediately return to your normal activities including work and exercise.


What are the CoolSculpting Results?

Several days after the procedure, the cooled fat cells begin a process called “apoptosis” and begin to shrink. These damaged fat cells are slowly digested over several months by your body and removed through the liver. CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq is highly effective and is producing consistent results for local areas of fat like the love-handles or ‘man-boobs". Though larger areas of fat deposit may require more invasive treatments such as laser lipo. (click here to learn more about laser lipo)

You will begin to see results as soon as the third week post treatment. The immediate response is inflammation and that can last up to 5 or even seven days depending on the individual being treated. This results in an increased volume in and surrounding the treatment area. 

5 days after the treatment, you may feel intense itching which is a sign that the fat freezing procedure has succeeded and the process of fat dying off has began. The itching is intense and some patience experience intermittent stabbing like sensation. Some have reported cramping. A small percentage of patients have experienced intense burning sensation that may require an over the counter analgesic. In rare cases a prescription is necessary. This level of intensity is seen in 1 out of 10 patients and it can last up to 8 days at times. These side effects can be generally be felt in the evening.

According to reports, this is a small 10% of treated patients, and it can vary with areas. We have noted that the more bony areas as well as those who have very tiny fat pockets are more likely to experience these CoolSculpting side effects with greater intensity. This sensation can happen with some areas while not with others. This occurs rarely and is as unique as each individual being treated.  If these coolsculpting side effects occur, our medical staff will prescribe the necessary relief medication to alleviate such sensations. 

Immediately following the CoolSculpting procedure, the treated are will look red and puffy. It takes several days for this this subside and special compression garments must be worn at all times for the next two to four weeks. One may resume to normal activities, and a 20 minute massage daily will aid the process of optimal results. Individuals who do not choose to wear the compression garment or perform the daily massage will not experience the same outcome as those who do. 

About three weeks following the CoolSculpting procedure, you should notice a decrease in volume and your clothes should fit better. The process of the frozen fat cells dying off will take place gradually over a period of up to 4 months. During this time we will schedule periodic appointments and take pictures in order to record your progress. Remember this is a gradual process and as you see yourself every day, it may not not be as dramatically visible all at once, thus these images will reveal your true transformation. 


Who are the best candidates for CoolSculpting?

The best candidate is someone who is in relatively good shape, but has modest areas of fat bulges that they’d like removed. Fat freezing is not an alternative to healthy diet or lifestyle, and as mentioned before, it is an effective means for stubborn fat pockets, not a means for weight loss, although seeing a more sculpted body has been a motivational force in our patients lives and we find many return to a healthier life style and implementing a regular work out program with much easy.

The absolute best way to find out weather you are a CoolSculpting candidate is to book a consultation with our qualified staff. During your complimentary consultation we will assess your candidacy to be certain the Coolsculpting procedure is indeed for you. We rule out any medical conditions  that may prevent the effectiveness or success of the lipo freeze. 

... is the Fat Freezing Procedure right for you? call us for a complimentary CoolSculpting consultation and find out...

We work with women of all sizes and shapes. No matter the size and body shape, our visual consultants will help set realistic goals and cool sculpt your shape to the ideal "S" shape. The s-shape is the phenomena that occurs amongst voluptuous women, in which their body (from a profile view) exhibits the curves of the letter S. By taking care of that extra bulge we are able to recreate form. Freeze Fat  Away and regain your confidence now! 

During the consultation our specialized technicians will discuss the procedure and expectations with you. We first determine if you are indeed a candidate for the Coolsculpting procedure. We will set goals and specifications. A diagram of areas to be treated will be drawn out detailed as per your individual needs. Before images are taken as well to be able to assess the success of the procedure.

Freeze your Fat now! Rid of unwanted fat: No needles, no surgery, no down time! Coolsculpting may just be the perfect procedure for you!

This is a fat removal procedure that is non invasive, and this is one of the top reasons for its' popularity. Cost of freezing fat is therefore affordable due to the fact that there is no anesthesia being administered. There are no incisions to be made. Lipo freeze is the best liposuction alternative. There is no down time to be concerned with. Our patients resume to normal activities the day of the coolsculpting procedure.


Why should you choose My Petite? CoolSculpt, two areas in one hour! Redefining your curves has never been easier!

Some Medical Spas offer this popular fat freezing procedure, we have not only perfected it, but have made it possible for you to have two areas treated at one time. This is unique to My Petite Medical Spa! Freeze Fat Away, two areas in one hour! We strive not only to perfect fat freezing protocol, make your stay fun and luxurious, but to be time efficient also. Coolsculpting is a technique driven procedure and we have performed 3500 fat freezing procedures to date. We are in fact Diamond Certified a merit awarded by Zeltiq. This sets us a step above. Come take a tour of our facility and see for yourself.

We are CoolSculpting Diamond Certified and have performed procedures for clients who have had the Coolsculpting procedure elsewhere and with lack of success. There are some physicians and Clinics who purchase their CoolSculpting Equipment second hand and to not go through the training process. This attitude results in lack, and failed procedures. Other physicians are "too busy" to go through the proper certification process and feel that reading the booklet or instructions will suffice. This is not the case! 

The CoolSculpting procedure requires experience and protocol is crucial for ensuring optimal results. 

"My only regret is not having done it sooner." Alexandra Stratan

Above all is the importance of understanding shaping and working with the "S" shape, which we have mastered, understanding the female body contouring to ensure a visually pleasing result. This not only brings forth the best in outcome, but it cuts down unnecessary treatments by way of working with each individuals' natural shape. 

 The S Curve is a traditional art concept in Ancient Greek sculpture and Roman sculpture where the figure's body and posture is depicted like a sinuous or serpentine "S". It carries through in modern day art, it is a constant. The S-shape will draw your eyes into it. You can use it to guide a viewers eyes through the form of the body. The S-shape is the most desirable form to direct attention to the focus, that being your assets. 

Weather working with the male or female shape, our goal is to shift the eye to your assets and minimize the undesirable bulges. We understand that each individual is created uniquely and we respect the natural genetic predispositions while working to minimize the areas that take away from your beauty or distract from it. Our follow ups consist of fat freeze before and after images taken to prove your cold sculpting results.

After all, results are the very thing we are after. We have truly gone out of our way to make your stay as luxurious as possible, providing cocktails, snacks and movies to entertain you during your Coolsculpting procedure. Before you know it the hour passed by and two areas will be completed.


Not only is the efficacy of cold sculpting consistent and backed by unsurpassed latest technology, the results are astounding and speak for themselves. Targeted ares take new form and shape revealing, a renewed sense of self, that beach body that has been long forgotten hidden under baggy clothes, intended to be concealed. 

At My Petite, we have worked tirelessly not only to perfect the technique of Coolsculpting, while regarding every detail to ensure your comfort in a warm atmosphere, but have made it possible for you to have two areas cold sculpted at one time. That's right! Freeze away that fat, two areas in one hour! This will cut down your treatment time significantly. Your stay will be a most pleasurable and our staff's sensibility and attentiveness is something we are always striving to perfect.

We customize each individuals' treatment plan. We make it so comfortable, it will feel like your are freezing your fat at home. We care, we truly do! Our technicians have a eye for aesthetics and a clear visual direction, an understanding of form and shaping.

This is crucial in the initial stages of marking, which set forth the success of balancing the left and right sides, as these are different for each individual.


From Bernini's art work to modern day art, the S shape is evidently present, remaining a classic concept to sculpt the ideal, alluring body form. Coolsculpting is a revolutionary, technological advancement means to sculpt the body, where art form comes alive. What Bernini accomplished in stone we now have the means to do in the flesh with the CoolSculpting Procedure.

At it's core,cold sculpturing is more art form, requiring visual direction and intuitive force of interpretation. We believe in shaping, using the above mentioned principles, while maintaining the integrity of each individuals' uniqueness and genetic predispositions.


CoolSculpting Commonly Treated Areas

Non surgical fat removal is becoming so popular and we have added the chin area as of recent. The most commonly Cool Lipo Sculpting is performed on flanks and abdomen. 



How many Cool Sculpting treatments will I need?

The majority of patients undergo just one treatment. Each area is different and some such as abdominal body fat respond to just one treatment. Depending on their goals, some patients have 2-3 total procedures for continued fat reduction, depending again on the treated area. The best means to judge the number of needed treatments is know that 20 -25% of the fat will be reduced with each treatment. These percentages ensure a smooth result that may be gradually evolved, thus preventing any kind of abrupt areas of fat reduction or some kind of demarkation. This means the results are smooth and seamless. 

What kind of results can I expect?

CoolSculpting® has been shown to reduce the fat in the treated area by 20%. Additional treatments can reduce fat by another 20%. Results vary from person to person and by area. Those who adjust their lifestyle to reduce calorie intake and include regular exercise, will experience greater success. 

What are the Possible Side Effects?

Side Effects are usually mild and related to the cold of the device which subside within 10 minutes. Your skin may be red for several minutes to several hours, if this persists for more than that you should contact our doctor. Other side effects may include temporary bruising, tingling, tenderness, temporary dulling of sensation or cramping.

One in 10 patients may experience intense stabbing like sensation, etching and burning five days after the treatment. This is a side effect that can be treated with over the counter analgesics and in rare cases with prescription. These rare side effects may persist for 5 to 10 days in some cases. These sensation generally occur at night time and subside during the day. Those who report any such discomfort claim the these side effect to be intermittent. 

Are there any risks involved and will the fat freezing cause damage to other organs or systems?

CoolSculpting involves key knowledge, based on a long term observation. Children who ate popsicles frequently developed dimples. Fat freezes at a 3 degree temperature difference than skin for example. This means that specific temperatures applied to fat will not affect the integumentary system, but white fat alone. The cooling will not affect brown fat cells for instance, as we need brown fat to metabolize white fat.

Will the treatment tighten my skin?

Some report a tightening of the treated area after the Fat Freezing procedure, but this is more the exception than the rule. The main purpose of the CoolSculpting treatment is fat reduction, by means of fat destruction. 

CoolSculpting Cost

To cost of the procedure is relatively low when comparing to lipo suction costs. The risk of surgery and general anesthesia is also eliminated with this procedure. Coolsculpting cost varies depending on the area being treated and it is estimated at 600-1,200$ per area. 

The cost of anesthesia and down time alone can be very pricy. This will allow you to allocate the extra resources  and time more efficiently.

 We offer a complimentary consultation and will provide a specific treatment plan to fit your needs. Financing is also an option. Please call us for a consultation for an accurate and individualized treatment plan.

Does Lipo Freeze work?

Belly fat removal, has been perhaps the most requested of the fat removal procedures. This area alone is so difficult to shape no matter how long we diet or exercise especially after a certain age.

The Cool Sculpting procedure, works to freeze and kill fat cells and to tone the treated area. Each and everyone of us have areas of concerns and and reviews have been buzzing.

Please take the time to review our gallery of CoolSculpting Before and After images and decide for yourself. 



Learn More About CoolSculpting, please visit our Blogg Page on Does CoolSculpting Work in Vogue Magazine:

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