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Diamond Certified, My Petite Medispa

Yes, we are a Cool Sculpting Diamond Certified Medispa

Cool Sculpting is a technique driven procedure and experience speaks for itself. Cool Sculpting can only be performed in the office of physicians with physician supervision. The treatment can be performed by technicians with proper training. Highly trained and experienced technicians are key as the procedure is technique dependent. Nurse practitioners and PA's may, if needed write prescriptions for medications. On rare occasions, a patient will have discomfort that can be treated with a prescription of Neurontin. However, most patients seem to be doing very well wearing the compression garment after the CoolSculpting Procedure. We have also noted that arnica montana, a homeopathic remedy that helps with bruising and swelling after surgical procedures can help people with comfort following a CoolSculpting Complete treatment.

Becoming a skilled Cool Sculpting technician takes time and practice. One of the main skills required is the visual skill. This means envisioning results and marking out the areas to be treated properly, along with impeccable protocol and discipline. 

At My Petite Medispa, we have earned the top merits, Zeliq will award a Cool Sculpting practice: The Cool Sculpting Diamond Certification. At My Petite Medispa, we have performed over 2,300 Cool Sculpting Procedures and yes, Fat Feezing is our business! We have seen patients that have had the procedure done elsewhere and have had great success leading to satisfactory results.

CoolSculpting, some minor, yet major important things to keep in mind

There are some key factors to keep in mind and some things we would like you to keep in mind!

  • treated area is puffy and tender following the procedure
  • a decrease in volume is notable about 3 weeks following the CoolSculpting treatment
  • the progress is gradual and takes up to 4 months
  • avoid taking any anti-inflammatory agents, the inflammation is part of this process
  • always wear the compression garment without fail for 2 to 4 weeks
  • massage the area for a minimum of 20 minutes each day
  • avoid taking before and after images during your monthly cycle or following a big meal
  • if you experience any bloating from food, look into implementing probiotic type foods into your diet

*Please note that general bloating is very common and this has little to do with fat. The lack of probiotics in the natural diet leads to bloating and improper digestion. General PH imbalances also result in puffing up of the fat cells, as we see with the slightly acidic individuals. This acidity may be adjusted with proper diets and water intake. 

Cool Sculpting Testimonial, What our patients think

"I started my Cool Sculpting journey at another reputable establishment Uptown. I decided to start out with one section to see if this procedure works indeed. 

At the end of the first session, the tech massaged the treated area, very lightly and for a brief period of maybe 10 seconds at best. When the other side was finished yet another technician massaged the area, intently and for what seemed like forever. Lets just say that this is the most intense part of the procedure. This other technician was applying a lot of pressure and I really noted the difference in the massaging technique, pressure and timing. I was wondering if this would end up making a difference in the results, and questioned the second technician about it. She sternly shoved the question under the carpet and shut me up, which was odd and uncomfortable. 

Months later, it was obvious that my right and left side were off. It could be seen clearly that the area that was massaged properly had less fat compared to the other side. They did not mention I would need to wear a compression garment, or that I needed to massage the area daily for the next two weeks. I paid good money, and I felt letdown.

I ended up at My Petite Medispa thank God, and Rosalba retreated the area properly. I then opted to work on the rest of my body and treated the areas that were bothering me."

Thank you My Petite"

Alexandra Stratan

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